Britney Takes Simon's Advice With A Family Boat Trip

Posted Saturday May 26, 2007 6:02 PM GMT

Simon Cowell - never one to hold back - offered up some career advice to Britney Spears by telling her to "go home to your family." The pop star did just that and more, going on a family boat trip in Marina Del Ray.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, Simon said that Britney should have no trouble salvaging her career because she's "still one of the most talked about pop stars on the planet."

"She has the X-factor because people want to write about her," Cowell says. "She's not conventional, she's not normal."

Simon firmly believes that a little time at home would help to ground Britney and help her to refocus on her future.

"Lock the door, don't go out with your stupid friends, have some home-cooked food, get a sense of reality," he says. "Go lie in the garden, okay? And then say to yourself, 'There's more good in my life than bad. I'm still a rich, talented girl – now I want to get my career back on track.' End of story."

While she didn't lock the door, seeing Britney out spending a relaxing day with her sons was a welcome change of pace. Plus, you've gotta love the sailor hat!

Enjoy the pictures of Britney in Beverly Hills on Thursday (May 24), as well as in Marina Del Ray on the same day!