Brooke Hogan: Clerk Flirt

Posted Friday December 5, 2008 3:43 PM GMT

It’s no secret that Brooke Hogan enjoys the occasional round of retail therapy. And while out shopping in Miami yesterday, she found plenty of what she was looking for, including the hot shoe store clerk!

Dressed in a flirty black and white tank top with a pair of Victoria’s Secret Pink grey sweatpants, the “Brooke Knows Best” babe locked eyes with the attractive guy, smiling all the way, according to an eyewitness.

As for her parents’ uber-messy divorce, it seems that Brooke’s mom Linda is trying to milk her father Hulk for more and more money. Her publicist Gary Smith told press, "It is all relative. That is what people don't understand. You can't compare what Linda gets to your own income of $50K a year, you have to compare it to Hulk's onetime income of $12 to $16 million a year and the lifestyle that comes with it. That puts it into perspective."

Not only that, but Linda’s new lover reportedly petitioned for a restraining order against the wrestling champ, though a Florida judge deemed it ridiculous and dismissed the motion.

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Enjoy the pictures of Brooke Hogan out shopping in Miami (December 4).