Courtney Love's "Due Date" Night

Posted Tuesday November 2, 2010 10:50 AM GMT

Enjoying an evening out, Courtney Love was spotted at a screening of “Due Date” in New York City last night (November 1).

The “Celebrity Skin” rocker mingled with Russell Simmons at the Cinema Society & DKNY-hosted shindig at LAVO.

In related news, Ms. Love recently threw a temper tantrum while dining by herself in Los Angeles.

Courtney was reading over some legal papers and getting more and more agitated. She finally turned to a nearby patron of the restaurant and flipped out.

“I can’t believe this. They’re NOT going to get away with this! Sorry if I’m interrupting, but do you want to see evidence of a MASSIVE fraud attempt?”

“These involve me and the estate of my late husband. Just look at this…my signature was forged! Someone moved money in my daughter’s name to Geneva and Zurich without me even knowing it! They’ve stolen over $28 million from me…people think I’m nuts, but I don’t give a bleep! I’m going to see this through to the end!”

Enjoy the pictures of Courtney Love at the 2010 ACE Awards (November 1).

Photo Credit: Getty Images