Ian Somerhalder Takes "Vampire Diaries" to Spain, Talks Season Finale

Posted Friday May 4, 2012 12:09 PM GMT

Taking care of promotional duties, Ian Somerhalder was spotted at the BloodyNightCon press conference in Barcelona, Spain on Friday (May 4).

With a feather in his black fedora hat, "The Vampire Diaries" star kept close to his co-stars during the interview and at one point wrapped his arm around Michael Trevino to pose for a couple pictures.

It seems Ian loves taking in the sights in Spain tweeting, "Barcelona the beautiful... Wow,LOVE this place." however, he also admitted that he's been "Tired" and "slept 17hrs" during his stay.

That didn't sit to well with his die-hard fans wanting to catch a glimpse of him out and about, forcing him to take to twitter again to say, "Barcelona fans-I love you to death.Im sorry not to spend time outside my hotel,I have very little time2 myself these days I need that. Please don't be upset with me. :)".

Possibly revealing why he's so sleepy, the 33-year-old actor dished about the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" telling The Hollywood Reporter, “The last shot of the finale of the show, [I’m] just getting beaten down. I got my a** kicked a lot in that episode. The season three finale will have some red blood cells in it. It’s pretty bloody.”

Enjoy the pictures of Ian Somerhalder at the 'Bloody Night Con' press conference in Barcelona (May 4).

Photo Credit: Getty Images