50 Cent’s Gravy Train Is Over

Posted Thursday July 5, 2007 2:55 PM GMT

Life is hard when you’re a multi-platinum, multi-millionaire, record label-owning, clothing line-designing enterpreneur. Just ask 50 Cent. He’s had to lay down the law when it comes to throwing money at the artists on his label.

It has been reported that 50 has ended the gravy train over at G-Unit Records. While in years past, he’s bailed his rappers out of poor financial decisions, and paid the way for the artists and their huge entourages to ride comfortably on the road, that season has come to an end.

50 told press, "Whether I got to give them $500,000 or $300,000 ... Just 'cause they want $300,000 more to make what they [are] doing at the time comfortable. Like, 'yo, I want to get this new place over here.' "

"Laze was there as representation of M.O.P., Havoc and Prodigy. Banks, Buck. Spider was on the phone. Olivia was there. Sha Money was there. I broke it down. I told them I wouldn't be assisting them financially anymore. Pretty much I was telling them I wouldn't be there. [In the past] they'd make a lot of money and spend a lot of money and have me there to fix it."

And 50 explains that his roster wasn’t earning their keep on the promotional side of his clothing line. "I looked around the room, and I was the only person with G-Unit sneakers on. But they were being paid. It had become the norm for the check to come, but they were no longer wearing the clothes."

It’s not like 50 Cent has to worry about money. He has two movies coming out later this year (The Dance with Nicolas Cage, and Righteous Kill with Robert DeNiro). It’s just time to do a little housecleaning, and 50 isn’t afraid to break out the broom.

Enjoy the photo of 50 sharing the stage with Jessica Alba in Amsterdam (June 30).