Jessica Alba's European Summer

Posted Friday July 20, 2007 1:47 PM GMT

So what's new with the girl voted hottest actress on the planet year-in and year-out? Europe, Europe, and more Europe.

Jessica Alba departed her Los Angeles pad over two weeks ago to attend a Dior party in Paris, continuing on to hit up a list of cities including Berlin, Florence and Madrid.

While the journey overseas began as a vacation - with the party being followed up by the Eva Longoria wedding festivities, it has slowly turned into a series of Fantastic Four 2 promo appearances.

Meanwhile, Alba fans are eagerly awaiting their starlet's return to the States... hoping for a relaxing day at the beach and the pictures that come along with it!

Until then, enjoy the photos of Jessica's European tour! (From top: Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Florence (July 12-19))