Justin Long Talks “Going the Distance” Nudity

Posted Friday August 20, 2010 2:30 PM GMT

He’s been busy promoting his new movie “Going the Distance,” and Justin Long wasn’t quite ready for all that his role entailed.

The “Dodgeball” actor told press he was a bit intimidated to show off his “cash and prizes” to Christina Applegate during a full-frontal nude scene.

Long explained, “I was sort of exposing myself to someone I grew up watching. Really weird. And while we were shooting! I’m kidding.”

Additionally Justin also got to see ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore in a new light. "She's so funny, insanely funny. But I also got to see a side of her during this movie, which I hadn't seen, because I'd never known her in a professional capacity. I got to see how she treated the people that she's working with and it made her so much more beautiful. She's lovely to everyone -- to PA's, studio people, no matter where you are in the hierarchy. It's rare."

Photo Credit: Wenn.com, Getty Images