Katy Perry's Concert Sailor Smooch: Watch Now!

Posted Saturday April 21, 2012 10:35 PM GMT

While performing for Naval Academy personnel, Katy Perry made one sailor's dreams come true by pulling him up on stage for a smooch on Friday (April 20).

All dolled up in her version of a sailors uniform, the "Part of Me" singer seductively teased one young midshipman by running her hand down the front of his shirt and saying he had a "nice, crisp crease" before electrifying the crowed when she asked for a kiss.

Katy warned the sailor, "If I told you I had a cold, If I told you I flew in here with a 101.8 temperature, would you still be alright with that?"

When the lad yelled out, "Oh yeah!" the 27-year-old singer then said, "You know that iconic pose? You know when they're all getting off the ships?"

With the crowd erupting in screams, Miss Perry then wrapped her arm around the sailor to recreate the famous Times Square "sailor kissing nurse" pose and perked up her lips to lay one on the serviceman.

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