Keira Knightley Covers Interview April 2012

Posted Sunday April 1, 2012 9:01 AM GMT

Offering up a striking pose for the front page, Keira Knightley adorns the cover of the April 2012 issue of Interview magazine.

The 27-year-old actress partook in a futuristic/comic book-like shoot at the hands of famed photogs Mert & Marcus while chatting with her "A Dangerous Method" director, David Cronenberg, as part of the accompanying editorial.

Highlights from Miss Knightley's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Interview!

On how she's doing and where she is:
"I'm good. I'm in London. I've just left somebody in the kitchen making a chicken curry, and I was meant to be helping him, but now I'm not. [laughs]"

On liking to get lost in the movies like everyone else:
“I hate knowing too much when I’m going to the cinema. I don’t want to know that the actor has just gone through a divorce. I don’t want to know that the person is an alcoholic.”

On whether she thinks people can let go of her as a celebrity and focus on her as an actress:
“I don't really know . . . I think I'd be quite surprised if they could let go of all of that. I don't really think there's a real want to . . . I know with A Dangerous Method people liked the spanking an awful lot. [laughs] But I'm not quite sure. It's weird, though, with the spanking. When we were in Venice, I didn't get asked about it once in however many days we were there.”

Photo Credit: Mert & Marcus for Interview