Liam Neeson Replaces Mel Gibson in "The Hangover 2"

Posted Friday October 22, 2010 3:42 PM GMT

With movie producers opting against casting scandal-plagued actor Mel Gibson, it has been announced that Liam Neeson has been selected as a replacement for "The Hangover 2."

Earlier this week, reports told that Gibson had scored a cameo in the much-awaited comedy - but the alleged casting was dismissed just one day later.

Supposedly making the change as a result of complaints from the film's stars, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, The Hollywood Reporter now tells that Neeson has been chosen to portray the tattoo artist role.

"They don't want him to be in the movie and serve as a platform for some creepy comeback," an insider tells Us magazine of the decision. "They didn't want that energy or to shoulder what would come with having him apart of the film."

Photo Credit: Getty Images