Screen Writers Strike Takes Its Toll

Posted Tuesday November 6, 2007 6:26 PM GMT

It hasn’t happened in twenty years, but Sunday began a massive strike for television and movie writers. And insiders speculate it may be a long one.

Picket lines formed on both the East and West coasts after last-minute negotiations failed to appease the disgruntled entertainment workers. Celebrities like Jay Leno lent his support to the striking workers by delivering doughnuts to the picketers from a motorcycle.

The story is, workers in the entertainment industry don’t feel that they are being fairly compensated, and they’re finally doing something about it. Currently, writers don’t’ get a share of the profits of their shows, and they are lobbying for 2.5 percent.

But it doesn’t look like anyone’s budging. There aren’t any negotiations scheduled currently, and some writers are saying they’re not going back to work until things change. But the industry execs aren’t too eager to accommodate the requests of the picketers.

A Hollywood producer told press, "We're hunkered down for a long one. From our standpoint, we made every good faith effort to negotiate a deal and they went on strike. At some point, conversations will take place. But not now."

And an industry analyst observed, "The question is, how will people feel if this strike drags on as long as the last one strike went on for in 1988? That one lasted for more than five months, and it would be difficult for some of these writers to be without a paycheck for that amount of time."

We’ll keep you updated on this one.

Gossip Girls

Enjoy the pictures of Marg Helgenberg working the picket line yesterday (November 5).