Octavia Spencer Seeks to 'Create Social Change'

Posted Wednesday February 8, 2012 1:17 PM GMT

She’s a hard-working, dedicated person both on and off-screen, and Octavia Spencer gave up her time to attend “The Power of Film to Create Social Change” event in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday (February 8).

Looking lovely in yellow, “The Help” actress took part in the USC based panel discussion while speaking several times about the timelessness of her award-winning film, as well as how the universal story is about the ability to create change.

Miss Spencer also recently sat down with CNN to chat about how moviegoers need to buy tickets to films that reflect such casting as found in “The Help.”

"I think Hollywood basically gives people what they think people want," the best supporting actress Oscar nominee explained.

"And what they think the people want is what people pay money to see. We can’t really blame it all on Hollywood when the majority of the movies that are getting the big dollars are the ones that are blockbuster films," she added. "So if we want more films with diversity like 'A Better Life,' like 'The Help,' then we have to support those films. We just have to! We have to go support 'Red Tails,' we have to support 'Pariah.'"

Enjoy the pictures of Octavia Spencer at "The Power Of Film To Create Social Change" Panel Discussion at USC (February 7).

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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