Olga Kurylenko Takes to Tokyo for 007 Party

Posted Sunday November 23, 2008 7:31 PM GMT

Continuing to travel the world to promote the latest Bond flick, Olga Kurylenko turned up at an Omega "007 Quantum Of Solace" Party in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday (November 23).

Held at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center, the Camille Montes actress hammed it up on the red carpet before being presented a brand new watch from the luxury timepiece maker.

Meanwhile, during a recent interview Miss Kurylenko talked about how incredibly physically exhausting it was shooting stunts for the new Bond film.

The Ukranian-born beauty told Maxim magazine: "I got hurt because I was almost doing the stunts for real. When you see me get thrown to the floor, I'm actually smashing onto the floor. In the movie it's one second, but we do it for half a day, so you're falling again and again and again."

Continuing to tell that the movie's smooch scenes weren't typical of her everyday life, Kurylenko tells, "I've never done that (kiss someone at first meeting). For me it takes weeks, sometimes months. I have to know a person that long. We have to become friends first."

"To me sexiness comes from the inside. It's what a man says, his movements, how he behaves, and it's all about these little things. Sexiness comes through the eyes. I can't really explain it. It's a feeling, a connection," she adds.

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Enjoy the pictures of Olga Kurylenko at the Omega party in Tokyo (November 23).

Photo Credit: WireImage.com