Reps Claim No Weed For Paris Hilton

Posted Saturday July 28, 2007 2:40 PM GMT

When you’re trying to clean up your act, it seems that everyone has something against you. Just ask Paris Hilton. She’s only been out of jail a short time, and people are already starting rumors about her.

There are reports that Paris was smoking pot with Cisco Adler, Kimberly Stewart’s ex-fiance, at Guys’ Nightclub this past Wednesday. Rumor has it that she made out with him as well.

And her people are pretty ticked that the allegations were made. Her rep told press, "Paris absolutely did not smoke pot Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, as I understand was reported. That report is false.”

Which side is telling the truth? Well, the fact that Paris has been photographed smoking pot in the past lends support to the rumors. You never know though. Paris surely has made some enemies throughout her days, who'd love nothing more than to help ruin the heiress' newly-presented good-girl image.

Enjoy the pictures of Paris returning home from an evening out in Hollywood (July 27).