Shia LaBeouf’s Genetically-Linked Temper Troubles

Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011 1:56 PM GMT

It’s no secret that Shia LaBeouf has an issue keeping control of his anger, and it seems it all stems back to his father.

According to a report, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf has quite a history with behavioral problems, including doing jail time in the 1980s due to an attempted rape conviction.

Papa LaBeouf also made waves for Shia on the set of “Even Stevens” by sexually assaulting an actress.

Furthermore, Jeffrey assaulted an openly gay Disney executive after he gave Shia a hug. LaBeouf told press, "He goes, 'Are you trying to talk to my boy, you chicken hawk?' You can't do that to the executives."

As for Shia’s own outbursts, an insider says it has to do with alcohol. "These things can happen when Shia's been drinking. He can turn nasty so fast. He's like Sean Penn. One moment he can be totally charming, and then he'll lose it and go off on someone -- especially when it's a nut in a bar who is looking for a fight."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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