Kate Winslet Talks “Titanic” Chemistry

Posted Thursday March 29, 2012 1:54 PM GMT

Gearing up for the 3D re-release of “Titanic,” Kate Winslet shared that the key to her on-screen chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio was keeping things cool off-screen.

The “Mildred Pierce” starlet began, "We really never fancied each other; we really never had a thing for each other in that way, so there was never any flirting."

"We had a really great trust right away, actually, and a sense of humor, too, which was the thing that got us through such a tough shoot,” she added.

Writer/director James Cameron noted, "I think they needed each other as an oasis in the middle of all this chaos and all the scale of the physical production. It was a little place they could kind of retreat to and not have to worry about the fact that this mammoth production was resting squarely on their shoulders."