Ben Affleck & Jon Hamm Take “The Town” to Venice

Posted Wednesday September 8, 2010 10:51 AM GMT

Fulfilling some overseas promotional duties, Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm were spotted at the 67th Venice Film Festival earlier today (September 8).

Joined by costar Rebecca Hall, Affleck and Hamm were in the house ahead of the big premiere of their new film “The Town.”

The “Good Will Hunting” actor recently discussed his role as star and director of the film, and his hesitation to participate.

Ben explained, “That was one of the things that almost made me not want to do The Town. I thought, I’m going to be the guy who makes crime movies in Somerville, [Mass.]. I guess from an actor’s point-of-view, you worry about being typecast.”

He also noted that being from Boston makes things interesting when it comes to making movies there. “People probably know who I am in Boston just because of Good Will Hunting and Gone Baby Gone. It’s a double-edged sword: Being the local boy you definitely get some support and you also…there’s tougher scrutiny.”

Enjoy the pictures of Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm and their co-stars promoting "The Town" at the Venice Film Festival (September 8).

Photo Credit: Getty Images