What Shoes to Wear to Work

Posted Thursday February 5, 2009 2:00 PM GMT

Shoes very often make the outfit. They compliment the lines and proportions of any outfit, especially your bottom half. It is all about the silhouette! But some shoes are office approved, while others can be giving the wrong idea!

If you wear the classic trouser style to work, a medium heel is perfect. Lots of things will look good such as loafers, pumps, open toed and clothes. For sophistication, pointier shoes will look better while round toe will be more casual.

If you choose a knee-length pencil skirt to wear, a medium heel will make your legs look much longer. But if you already have long legs, flats to short heels will also work. As far as a shorter skirt, they look best with a small kitten heel or ballet flat, so that you are not going overboard with a sexy skirt and sexy shoe making it to sexy for work! Pairing it up with tights however might allow you to wear a small heel.

There is one rule with wide trouser pants. Only wear heels! Your higher comfortable heels will probably work the best, depending on your length of pant.

Like a shorter skirt, skinny pants look much more casual with flats. They also will look too sexy if worn with heels.

Although you may think the shoe doesn’t always matter, most of the time it does. Shoes provide a focal point and can actually draw lots of attention and bring your outfit all together!

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