Celebs Still Digitally Dead for World AIDS Day

Posted Friday December 3, 2010 6:07 PM GMT

They may be getting close to Twitter withdrawal as Kim Kardashian, Lady GaGa, Ryan Seacrest, Alicia Keys and others remain unable to use their social networks.

The Hollywood stars promised to log off from the internet on Wednesday in honor of World AIDS Day until $1 million was raised for Keys’ BuyLife.org charity.

As of Friday afternoon (December 3) the goal had not been reached, but more than $183,493 had been raised in an effort to bring the celebrities back to digital life.

According to MTV News, a spokesperson for the campaign could not be reached to give an update on what the plan is in case the $1 million goal not be reached.

With the final figure still on the distant horizon, it appears that it could take some time to rack up the $1 million and it's unclear how long the stars — many of whom use social media daily to communicate with fans and break news — are committed to staying digitally deceased.